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SEO for Educational Institution Website

There are plenty of training centers that teach marketers and web developers about Search Engine Optimization. But let's think: do the educational centers need to optimize their websites in a proper way? Does your company website have troubles about attracting the visitors? How do you track and measure your, very specific SEO efforts?

To handle a training center website is a mix of e-shopping and online event directory. That's why is important to pick the necessary actions and implement them, for better Search Engine Optimization results. This course is related with our experience with SEO for Katra Marketing training website. We have launched this site in the beginning of April, 2017, so if you found us in Google and reading it now, we definitely can tell you about some newest SEO tricks we have done for this specific website so far - and much more!

"SEO for Educational Center Website" in Amman or Dubai can be arranged as a personal, team and mixed training session, the outlines of the 2-days course you can check below. However, it depends on the experience of the participants, and can be held in a practical, discussion, or informational format.

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Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, SEO & Buying process 30min Theoretical
Defining Your Audience (Buyer Personas, Keywords, Competitors) 3 hours Practical
Website Usability & Structure (Sitemap, Pages, Linking) 3 hours Practical
SEO Tips for Educational Center 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization (Your Main Page) 1 hour Practical
Pages Optimization (A/B Testing) 40 min Theoretical

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