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Writing Detailed Marketing Plan for Educational Center

Training and educational services help small businesses to create a workforce with the knowledge and skills to meet their business objectives. A marketing strategy is essential to prioritize your marketing efforts and increase awareness of the benefits of training at your courses center in Amman. However, 2016 stats shown that only 15% of educational organization have a marketing plan.

"While having some many competitors, who offer similar courses, you just can't afford yourself to waste your marketing budget. Whether you are ahead, or you're losing."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

The course can be useful for educational organization managers, training center owners and entrepreneurs who need help in marketing plan preparation for their educational services promotion in Jordan. Katra Marketing organizes individual and marketing team active training in Jordan and UAE, sharing with you the analytical approach we have, and our fresh experience we have from managing Katra Marketing Training. In the end of the course you will have a solid image of your marketing strategy, and the drafts for each section of your specific marketing plan, that we will create mutually, so you will be able to finish your marketing plan in no time!

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Plan Structure, Industry Outlines 30min Theoretical
Marketing Plan Preparation (Situation Analysis, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation) 4 hours Practical
Writing Your Marketing Plan (Budget & Forecast) 3 hours Practical
Implementing Your Marketing Plan 40 min Theoretical

Hope is Not a Marketing Plan

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