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Search Engine Optimization for Local Hotel Website

Marketing a hotel in Jordan is a real challenge, especially when it comes to hotel website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There are different decisions you can make: you can choose a paid advertising with Google, you can pay a local Digital Marketing agency for SEO services to bring relevant traffic to your website, you can pay other websites to place ads there, and so on. As an alternative, you can put time and effort, to work on your hotel SEO by yourself, saving your marketing money in the perspective.

We have prepared this Search Engine Optimization course in Amman specially for the hotel marketing managers, boutique hotel owners and hotel content managers, to show them the primary SEO steps they can do by themselves, to bring more organic visitors to their hotel website. It's a plain and easy training, focused only at your current business website and SEO improvements you can do. We have several theoretical parts, yet mostly this SEO training is precise and practical, because we are working with you only, not in big mixed groups of people.

You can see the course outlines in the table below. The course will be customized accordingly to the amount of your employees willing to participate, their knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing , as well as the depth of the subject. Contact Katra Marketing for prices and possible dates of SEO training in Amman.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, SEO & Google rank results 30min Theoretical
Defining Your Audience (Clients, Keywords, Competitors) 3 hours Practical
Hotel Website Usability & Structure (Sitemap, Pages, Linking) 3 hours Practical
SEO Tips for Hotel Website 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization (Your Main Page Consultation) 1 hour Practical
Pages Optimization (A/B Testing) 40 min Theoretical

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