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Writing Awesome Marketing Plan for Hospitality Sector

Do you know the way where your hospitality business is going to? We don't ask whether it's up, or down, we would like to know if you are sure which business goals you are trying to reach, and where your tourism company is going to be in 5, or 10 years. If your business plan is completed, it's about the time to write a marketing plan. In a travel agency, or hospitality business sector, owners often tend to start working and keeping everything in their heads. However, for the sake of a successful business, you have to identify the methods you and your marketer will use in order to reach marketing objectives and bring more profit to your agency. Prepare and implement a marketing plan for your hotel, travel agency, or customer care business in Amman. With our course you will reach your marketing objectives.

"A marketing strategy shouldn't be complicated. You prepare this business document for a daily usage, so it should be a real help in your marketing efforts, to bring a positive ROI. As well as we are focusing at the tourism industry in Jordan, we can imagine the outlines of your company: small or medium size business with a limited budget for marketing activities and a highly competitive market. That's why you must have an attacking marketing plan, and with this course you can build it."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

The course "Marketing Plan for Hospitality Sector" is suitable for business owners who need help in marketing plan preparation for their travel agencies, accommodation, transportation, or catering services in Jordan. Katra Marketing organizes individual and marketing team active training, sharing with you the analytical approach we have. You will get a backbone of the unique marketing plan, that we will create mutually, so you will be able to finish your marketing plan in no time!

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Marketing Plan Preparation 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Marketing Plan (Situation Analysis, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation) 4 hours Practical
Writing Your Marketing Plan (Budget & Forecast) 3 hours Practical
Implementing Your Marketing Plan 40 min Theoretical

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