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Designing Editorial Calendar for Travel Agency Website

A carefully created editorial calendar makes marketing activities and content management more effective. While working at a local travel agency in Jordan or the UAE, one has his primary duties, and Facebook postings are usually about monthly travel offers, or last-minute deals, and it's hard to maintain regular postings on daily basis. Learn how to make an Editorial Calendar for your Facebook scheduled posts and company blog articles, to raise your online awareness, attract right audience and manage your content right.

Two main keys to a successful blog and company Facebook postings are consistency and strategy. And creating an editorial calendar helps you to succeed.

Editorial Calendar will help you:

  • Keep your Facebook/blog postings regular and planned;
  • Define the publishing frequency;
  • Plan your Facebook/blog travel agency content;
  • Balance the usage of keywords and CTAs;
  • Choose a variety of topics and designs;
  • Make sure to target the clients and prospects right.
  • Have more time for your daily tasks

While using editorial calendar for social media, you will group the content in one place, so you will see the whole perspective of your posting ideas come true, and will have time to plan your future actions for improving your content, track the Facebook followers engagement, and come up with better offers and events for your prospects in Amman.

Katra Marketing invites tourism sector companies in Jordan and the UAE, to have a customized training session with their employees, to plan and create an editorial calendar for their needs. We don't offer mixed courses, we work with one company at a time, offering the full creation process and a ready product, made during the active training session with your employees. The training for editorial calendar preparation can be divided into 2 half-day sessions, or 1 full day, it depends on the level and experience of your participants. You can see the outlines below. Contact us today, to get the course prices and possible dates for this training in Amman.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Social Media Editorial Plan in Brief 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Situation Analysis, Planning, SMM Advertising) 4 hours Theory & Practice
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Budgeting & Reporting) 4 hours Practice
Implementing Your Social Media Editorial Plan 40 min Theoretical

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