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Planning Website For Small Business

Our course "Planning Website For Small Business" in Amman encourages startups and SMBs to discuss their ideas about the future company website. This course will give you advice about the best structure of your future website, content management system and tips for content writing. We also inform you what you should ask a website developer, to understand if he has enough skills to build a website of your dreams. It's a company training, so we will focus at your small business type and the specificity of your company in Amman, to solve certain marketing challenges that refer to your business.

At Katra Marketing, we are passionate about small business and your company promotion online. And while we offer Digital Marketing services for small business owners in Jordan, to reach the desired brand awareness and enhance your profitability, we know that you experience certain issues while creating your company website. Mostly you will hire a freelancer, or a website development company, to do it for you. However, we assume you need a professional support and ideas how your future website should look like, to be adapted for Google and overall Search Engine Optimization, as well as website usability and creating content that will interest your prospects online.

We hope you will find this website course helpful, because Katra Marketing core vision is: "to assist in the development of small and medium-sized businesses through the use of all the possibilities of the Internet space." That's why we care about giving you advice about the options you have for your company website, and consult you about the possible failures and benefits of dealing with website developers in the Middle East and abroad. Startup website preparation course, from the local marketing agency, just check our SMB training methods and book this course online!

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Company Website Importance 30min Theoretical
Creating Your Website Structure (Situation Analysis, Usability, Tactics, Content) 4 hours Practical
Website Content Best Practice 3 hours Practical
How to Deal with Your Website Developer 1 hour Theoretical

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