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SEO for Local Visibility

According to Google’s latest research, 94% of mobile device users search for local information on their smartphones and 50% of their searches are about the companies in the area where they live. Moreover, 24% of Google desktop search queries include local keywords, like "marketing courses in Amman", or "where I can study SEO in Jordan". If you are reading this text, that's how you probably came here - by a Google search, and mentioning local keywords.

This statistic proves you just can't neglect local Search Engine Optimization for your business website. Even your company is small, you still can take advantage of optimizing your website and bring more local traffic to it. Think that your competitors are already doing SEO, focused on Jordanian audience, so if you want your market share, you need to invest time into the overall improvement of your website.

With our new course "SEO for local visibility" you will learn how to bring more visitors to your site, brand awareness and drive prospects through a decision-making process. In a form of an active training for your business in Amman, we will cover the main principles of local SEO marketing and small business Digital Marketing . We will go through On-page Optimization, Blog Content Optimizing and Local SEO activities.

The marketing course is useful for business owners in Jordan/UAE and their marketers who want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization in a local level, and be aware how SEO actions can affect their company website. We offer individual and marketing team business training, customized on your needs and the experience level.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Search Engines in Brief 30min Theoretical
Specificity of Local SEO 3 hours Practical/Theory
Keyword Research 3 hours Practical
Onsite SEO Techniques 1 hour Theoretical

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