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Onboarding New People

Onboarding, or company organizational socialization, is a set of actions that help new employees get the knowledge, skills, and behavioral patterns for their new place of work. HR practices used in onboarding process include group and face-to-face formal meetings, tutorials in the form of oral lectures, educational videos, printed HR materials, or presentations to involve new employees to their new job responsibilities and organizational culture.

It's well-known that socialization activities lead to great outcomes for newly hired people. As a result, they obtain higher level of job satisfaction, more productive job performance. The level of organizational commitment improves as well, so they integrate to the existing team in a better way, therefore there's less stress factors for the whole team.

Katra Marketing presents this unique course to help HR managers and small business owners in creating their onboarding process. This course in Amman can be scaled and customized as for startups who need to hire the whole team in a short period of time, and teach them how to work together; and also for enterprise level companies, hiring/transferring employees and high level management, willing to refine their employee handbooks, get new ideas about onboarding process, and decrease their turnover rate. Contact us today, so we can create the HR training for your needs.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Benefits of Onboarding 30min Theoretical
Choosing Onboarding Tactics for Your Company 4 hours Theoretical
Writing Your Onboarding Plan 3 hours Practical
Onboarding Best Practices 40 min Theoretical

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