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Giving Your Elevator Pitch

Prepare an ideal elevator pitch for your startup in Jordan with our unique course methodology for your new business. Book and schedule it today! It's important to give a positive impression while dealing with your potential partner, prospect, employer, or your future investors. In "Giving Your Elevator Pitch" active training we will teach you how to explain others what you do in a clear manner and make a great impression really fast, with your personal or professional "elevator pitch."

Katra Marketing offers this course to startup teams and entrepreneurs in Jordan, to share our experience in startup participations and developing business strategies from the scratch. Every training doesn't look like a previous one: the information you will get, depends on your specific idea, your overall experience, and the uniqueness of your products and services. An any case, we will mutually work and produce the most perfect pitch possible. It will give you a nice boost for your crowdfunding presentation and further activities.

It's also possible to convert this course for job seekers and personal presentation needs. Request this individual course by writing us an e-mail.

Maximize your entrepreneur efforts, eliminate self-doubts and clarify your ideas while working with , to present your ideas for investors, or get a better job.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Terms and Agreements 30min Theoretical
Your Startup Description (MVP, USP, Business Strategy) 2-6 hours Practical
Writing Your Elevator Pitch 3 hours Listening, Practical
Refining and Playing 1 hour Practical

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