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Planning Editorial Calendar for Any Business Website

"Planning Editorial Calendar" course is a mix of brainstorming session, active listening and preparatory work, focused at the promotional challenges every small business has. You will learn how to:

  • Get more ideas for your company website blog section and social media;
  • Write promotional articles for your business;
  • Avoid common copywriting mistakes;
  • Create and widely promote existing or coming content;
  • Define online metrics important for you and track the results.

We will be glad to organize this training for your employees in Jordan, whose daily needs are related to content creation, social media marketing, or inbound marketing. We also can work individually with your marketing manager, to discuss your small business marketing objectives, and bring the ideas how the inbound marketing and the editorial calendar preparation can help you with it.

Below you can see a chart with an estimated duration and sections, we can adjust this training to the amount of participants and the inbound marketing knowledge level of the attendees. Your employees will get the monthly and yearly templates for editorial calendars Katra Marketing agency is using - and we will share our own experience and the samples of editorial calendars for Facebook and small business blogging.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Editorial Calendar Basics 40min Theoretical
Preparations (Situation analysis, Buyer personas, Marketing channels, Implementation) 5 hours Practical
Writing Your Editorial Calendar (Planning, Scheduling) 3 hours Practical
Integration with Your Marketing Plan 40 min Discussion

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