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Building High-Performance Teams

Creating a business that has the highest possible level of reaching expectations often looks like art, not a science. If professional abilities were the only element being taken into consideration, you could just collect resumes and choose people with the most experience in every required area. It's a common saying of an authoritative manager: "people come to office to work, not to socialize". Unfortunately, this approach can't stay long in business - human factors and soft skills are essential for building an effective team.

There is another approach, mainly working in family-oriented countries (and Jordan is not an exception) - to fill the required positions with relatives. That's fine if your relative will really fit into your business and change it in a better way, but in most cases it's just about nepotism and incompetence.

"Choosing and building a team needs significant planning and effort from the stakeholders and managers to obtain in their company the best mixture of knowledge, talents and personality types. As a human-oriented person, I would like to bring my experience of hiring people and managing teams, and also create a proper balance between your employees."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

The course is suitable for business owners, HR managers and entrepreneurs in Amman and Dubai, who need help in human evaluation, hiring and managing teams at any phase of your company development. The possible outlines of the training are mentioned below. However, Katra Marketing can customize it in a form of HR consultation, interviews creation, teambuilding activities, employee evaluation for any industry in Jordan and UAE, or short-term training for your HR officer, general manager, etc.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Future Team Vision 40min Listening, brainstorming
Your Role in Team Development 3 hours Practical
Writing Your Team Building Plan 4 hours Practical
Managing Your Team 1 hour Theoretical

Set Your Goals. Empower Your Team

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