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The Art of Sales (SPIN)

Your business is not capable to reveal its great products and services unless it can sell. Amazing news from Katra Marketing - the team of marketers who use SPIN in their meetings with customers: everyone can learn how to sell, and make it successfully.

"You know the never-ending tension between sales and marketing. I may say that SPIN is exactly The Technique, finally understandable and acceptable for both sides. It helps to make your sales meetings thoughtful and effective, without any cheap influence from your salesmen to customers."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

The Art of Sales (SPIN) is an intensive training (available for Amman, Dubai) for sales manages, business owners and general managers, telemarketers, business development managers. It's a technique that was created from 12-years, 1 mln. research of thousands sales meetings, bringing an amazing, realistic sales methodology to be used in various companies, to create profitable agreements with clients in various markets.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, The Psychology of Decision Making 30min Theoretical
Meeting Stages 1 hour Theoretical
The SPIN Model (Outlines, Implication Questions Practice) 3 hours Listening, Practical
Build Your Persuasive Case (Objections, Commitment) 4 hours Practical

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