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Restaurant Services - Detailed Google Analytics Settings

Have you ever thought how to measure the outcome of your Facebook campaigns? How many people visited your restaurant website and what type of people they are? Can the right audience find us in Google? If no, what do we need to improve?

During this course, we will be able to give you the answers to the most of these questions. Google Analytics is the best tool to identify the marketing metrics important for you, highlight the most successful online campaigns and stop wasting the marketing budget. You will also be able to define how your SEO activities are improving, and how to make your restaurant website rank in Google much better than it is now.

Our Google Analytics course will be based on your online marketing needs, and we will also customize Google Analytics dashboard for your daily check-up in the future. We offer this training for restaurants in Amman, Jordan, for the employees only, so you will have practical tasks with your own GA account. This Digital Marketing course also will be planned accordingly to your experience level: from basic terminology and tuning the Google Analytics dashboard, to complex campaigns and their analysis, as well as Universal Analytics in depth.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Google Analytics in Brief 30min Theoretical
Goggle Analytics Features (Segmentation, Filtering, Campaigns) 4 hours Theoretical
Interface Dashboard & Usage 2 hours Practical
Data Monitoring and Reporting 1 hour Theoretical

Set Your Goals with Google Analytics

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