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Writing Working Marketing Plan for Restaurant Service

Every business needs a strategy for its marketing promotion. And restaurants are of no exception. Yes, you might have doubts whether it's easy to create a marketing plan, because your dining place works well, and you don't see any needs of marketing actions. Well, restaurants have to struggle for every visitor even more than retail shops. In harder economic periods, families are refusing (or just reducing) having meals out.

In promoting your restaurant according to a certain plan, you will be sure in yourself with your buyer personas, your competitors in Jordan, brand-building tips and marketing opportunities.

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

This course will provide you with new ideas and the best practice from the restaurant industry, which will let you develop and stay solid in the market, while making the most profit. It is suitable as for recent restaurant owners in Amman or Dubai, who need to write, or revise their marketing plan, for marketers looking for fresh ideas and insights, and for entrepreneurs willing to make things right from the start.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Marketing Plan Preparation 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Marketing Plan (Situation Analysis, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation) 4 hours Practical
Writing Your Marketing Plan (Budget & Forecast) 3 hours Practical
Implementing Your Marketing Plan 40 min Theoretical

Hope is Not A Strategy. Plan It Right

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