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Editorial Calendar for Facebook Restaurant Page

Restaurant owners in Jordan are mostly not thinking about the quality of their posts in social media. The Facebook content is chaotic and not scheduled. Sometimes small cafe owners are managing their Facebook page online by themselves, or give the responsibility to a fresh graduate for a small fee. As a result, one can find a plenty of abandoned cafe pages, without the information how to reach them, or ability to contact the company.

Well, if you are interested in our course, it means you want to enhance your knowledge, or teach your employee how to do it in a professional way. Preparing the editorial calendar for your Facebook page is a great deal of your Digital Marketing strategy, especially if you don't have a website for your restaurant, and willing to communicate with your prospects and fans in social media. Also we can say it makes your daily duties less complicated: when you have a schedule, you can focus more at Facebook promotional campaigns for your restaurant and produce a better content for the future.

"I highly recommend Editorial Calendar course, if you are interested in the future of your local restaurant and care about your brand awareness."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing
Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Social Media Editorial Plan in Brief 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Situation Analysis, Planning, SMM Advertising) 4 hours Theory & Practice
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Budgeting & Reporting) 4 hours Practice
Implementing Your Social Media Editorial Plan 40 min Theoretical

Plan Ahead. Use Social Media to the Max

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