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Plan Your Personal Website

If you are a professional in your business area, you deserve to have more information about yourself online than just a LinkedIn profile. Know how to plan your personal website in Jordan for your professional CV and portfolio needs, recommend yourself as an expert in your industry, and promote yourself online.
It's extremely important what kind of information your clients, headhunters, partners can find about you online, and most of people are afraid of such publicity, hiding behind usernames on Facebook, and prefer not to leave any mentions about themselves in the Internet. Well, it can still be fine - yet you can do much better!

Why do I Need a Personal Website?

  • Build Your Personal Branding Online;
  • It’s a Great Portfolio;
  • Attract Headhunters' Attention;
  • You Control Your Mentions.

The course "Plan Your Personal Website" is suitable for specialists in Amman who want to create their own personal website. We work individually with each participant, writing and revising information of his professional experience, defining the personal website structure and design elements suitable for his area. Depends on the experience of a participant, you can continue with website creation yourself, or get it from Katra Marketing for 30% from the regular price.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Personal Website Concept 30min Theoretical
Professional Website Creation (Statement, Content, Structure) 2 hours Theory & Practice
Manage your Website (Technical part) 2 hours Theory & Practice
Website Promotion, Conclusion 40 min Theoretical

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