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12 Week Year: Time Management Course for Professionals

We offer "12 Week Year Training: Time Management System" course in Jordan, to help you understand how powerful can the time management system be, and how easily 12 Week Year method can be integrated with a daily routine: to reach goals easier and definitely do more in 3 months than you usually achieve in a year. Want any of this? Contact us and book this course!

The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. You have no excuse for forgetting about it. As you write, use the word "will" instead of "would like to" or "might." Katra Marketing offers this revolutionary time management course in Amman for professionals, fresh graduates, students, managers - for everyone who struggles with hectic days and wishes to reach more goals in a short period. This time management method is extremely useful and practical, and you can implement it to cover various parts of your life. It changes the way you act, you plan, you think, and brings certainty and positive planning to your life.

1. A Year That Works

Forget about a year. By now you can see the pitfalls associated with annualized thinking. Let ’s redefine a year: A year is no longer 12 months, it is now only 12 weeks. That’s right, a year is now a 12 week period. There are no longer four periods in a year; that’s old thinking. Now, there is just a 12 Week Year, followed by the next 12 Week Year, all the time. Each 12 week period is independent - it is your year.

Think about the real meaning of a 12 Week Year for your productivity. The excitement, energy, and focus that happen every December now happen continuously. The year-end push to hit your goals now happens not once every 12 months, but all the time.

And just like you do at the end of a calendar year, every 12 weeks you take a break, celebrate, and reload. It might be a three-day weekend or a short-term vacation; the important thing is that you take time out to reflect, regroup, and re-energize. For success-oriented people it ’s easy to look at what lies ahead and not fully appreciate the ground already covered. The 12 Week Year presents, at a minimum, four times as many opportunities to recognize and celebrate your progress and accomplishments.

2. Your Vision Preparation

The first step is to establish an emotionally compelling long-term vision. That is because when applying The 12 Week Year, there will be some days when you just won’t "feel like" taking action on your plan. To help you stay on track you need a powerful "why" – and that’s your vision. The most powerful visions address and align your personal aspirations with your professional dreams. That’s because in the end, your professional vision often funds and enables your personal vision. It's a great step for professionals to work with their priorities and achieve more.

3. Write Your 12 Week Goals

Focusing on a 12 Week Year keeps you from getting ahead of yourself and ensures that each week counts. We will bring you the knowledge how to write your first 12 week plan. The plan is the roadmap needed to reach your 12 week goals. The best plans are focused on one or two things that you want to make progress on in the next 12 weeks. The fewer goals and weekly actions there are, the easier the plan will be to execute.

4. Define Lead & Lag Indicators

In the best measurement systems, there are lead indicators and lag indicators. The lag indicators are the end results, your 12 week goals are the ultimate lagging indicators. If you are tracking progress towards your goals, then you are tracking lag indicators. Lead indicators on the other hand, are the things that happen early in the execution process. They are the things that drive the lags. It sounds complex, yet during the active training session in Amman, you will understand that it's a necessary step, and get the idea of right and wrong indicators for you and your goals.

5. Measurement Scenarios

There are three different scenarios you might encounter if you’re tracking lead and lag measures each week. We will discuss the possible ways to measure your progress, and how to stay on track successfully.

We offer "12 Week Year Training: Time Management Course" for managers and specialists in Jordan only. Please contact us for more details and the course pricing via contacting below.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, 12 Week Time Management Method 30min Theoretical
Prepare your Vision, Set Your Goals 3 hours Practical
Define Indicators, Measurement Scenarios 1 hour Theory, Practical
Questions & Answers, Plan Refinement 1,5 hours Practical

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