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Search Engine Optimization for NGO Websites

Search Engine Optimization for NGO is something underestimated. We have noticed that while creating a website for non-governmental organizations, or charity centers in Jordan, the owners are skipping the SEO part, mostly by the reason they can't fully understand the importance of optimizing their website for Google, or they decide not to waste their budget on it.

"As a result, they end up with a working website, put a lot of meaning into their content and ideas they publish, but people can't find them, because their sites are not getting indexed by Google. And the most important aim for every NGO is to attract as many people as possible, and make them aware of what their organization is doing and how! Isn't it true?"

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

Katra Marketing has prepared a special SEO course for NGOs in Jordan, where our marketing specialist will tell you how to start doing Search Engine Optimization, focused on the specificity of your organization, your special promotional needs and managerial objectives you need to reach, while using your website. You will get introduced to the inbound marketing fundamentals, understand why it's so important to have a great engaging content, and how to create it, for your visitors, and to have every page of your website indexed at the same time. We will go through various brainstorming exercises about planning your publishing materials, website metadata checkup, and the analytics data you can use in your reports while running your NGO website. During this course you will also learn the basics of SEO and website usability, how to engage with your visitors in a better way, and how to use social media to drive your targeted audience to your website directly.

"SEO for Non-Profit Websites" is suitable as an individual, team and mixed training, you can get the average topics of the 2-days course you can check below. We will adjust the schedule, amount of hours and the marketing areas you want to learn, accordingly to your current experience, the amount of participants, and your budget for it. For all NGOs in Jordan, we also make discounts for website design and development, because we understand how you are struggling to reach your organizational objectives, and to spend the promotional budget wisely.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, SEO for NGOs 30min Theoretical
How to Create SEO-friendly Content for Humans (Common Mistakes, Metatags, Page Optimization, Usability) 6 hours Theory & Practice
Enhancing Your Current Website, Facebook for Engagement 4 hours Theory & Practice
More Tips from Internet Marketer 1 hour Theoretical

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