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Nonprofit Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Nonprofit organizations have to be noticeable to possible partners, donors and volunteers. As an NGO in Jordan, you need a clear, reasonable Digital Marketing strategy to raise awareness and cause the interest of the local public. A great Digital Marketing strategy will define how your organization will thoughtfully express its mission and goals to others online to arouse impactful actions on its behalf.

"There are pros and cons in Digital Marketing for NGOs. The great side is about the devotion of the staff, the interest of the local audience, and the fresh, touchy content the organization gets through its work. The sad side is the shortage of resources and the lack of budget if we compare with businesses. So, I'm sure you are not willing to waste your precious marketing budget carelessly. Let's work together and create a Digital Marketing plan that goes well with your organization, and makes your actions well-known and recognizable."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

The course is suitable for managers and marketing specialists, working in NGOs who need help in the Digital Marketing strategy preparation, and for entrepreneurs willing to know more about Digital Marketing for non-commercial sector. Our agency in Amman organizes active training sessions, individually work with your bringing the most effective and modern experience we have.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Terminology and Structure 30min Theoretical
Marketing Plan Discussion 2 hours Practical
Writing Your Digital Marketing Plan 4 hours Practical
Implementing Your Internet-Marketing Plan 1 hour Listening, Practical

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