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Course: Creating Internet Marketing Strategy for NGO

Mostly while starting an NGO, organizators are facing a lot of troubles, related to documentation, budgeting, PR and socializing. Same happens with the website, because it causes plenty of questions, and most of them are out of your area of expertise. How to choose a reliable web developer to create our website? How much it should cost? What kind of information should be there? Without an internet marketing strategy, it is hard to solve all these issues and make your ideas working. Meanwhile, without SEO your precious website can be buried with the thousands of other non-indexed websites - another headache that needs to be solved!

Internet marketing strategy is a set of actions regarding SEO, PPC advertising, inbound marketing, and overall reporting that can help your website attract visitors, make them aware of what your organization is doing, got inspired by your actions, and take part in your local offline events. Sounds complicated? Not at all!

A carefully created roadmap makes any marketing activities more effective. This course in Amman will help NGO specialists not only to get some theoretical knowledge, yet to create a successful internet marketing strategy, related to their organization. Book this training, so we can offer your a discount for your session, as an NGO. Anastasia Ivanovskaya has 5 years experience in various online projects, targeted local and worldwide. She will also offer advice on the future presentation and implementation of the marketing plan in your organization. We accept individual and group training for your specialists, bringing great ideas how to make your internet marketing strategy work, and sharing with you the most interesting experience we have.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Internet Marketing Strategy Preparation 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Internet Marketing Strategy (Sections, Main Online Activities, Website Usage, Social Media) 6 hours Theory & Practice
Writing Your Internet Marketing Strategy (Budget & Forecast) 3 hours Practical
Implementing Your Internet Marketing Strategy 1 hour Theoretical

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