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Google Analytics Customization
for Non-Profit Organization Website

It's important for any NGO to know more about their website audience and what their visitors are doing on the website. Google Analytics is the most useful and effective tool for tracking, analyzing, and reporting data from your NGO website, so you can see the outcome of your SEO activities, paid advertising and social media campaigns you are implementing. It helps you to justify the budget you are spending for the online promotion, therefore - to check the quality of your specialists' work.

"Meanwhile almost 87% of the non-governmental organizations are not using Google Analytics at all, and not fully aware which data they have to include in their reports, to justify their work."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

This practical course consists of two main parts. At first, it's about the specificity of NGO presence online, analyzing their website, and choose the important metrics to track, getting a basic knowledge of how Google Analytics works. And the second part is about customizing the main dashboard, so you will be able to follow the data you need to prove your budgeting, and some practical tasks how to deal with it everyday.

This 2-day course is prepared in the format of an individual work, with our Digital Marketing consultant. It's suitable for NGO employees, whose daily work is related to social media presence, content writing and overall website management. Anastasia Ivanovskaya obtains Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), a certification that justifies the proficiency in Google Analytics. Anastasia will take you through the GA metrics interpretation, goals creation and tracking Digital Marketing campaigns, using the Google Analytics dashboard with the most essential numbers for your organization.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction to Google Analytics 1 hour Theoretical
Google Analytics Fundamentals (Features, Filters, Views, Metrics to Follow) 6 hours Practical, Theory
Using Google Analytics Dashboard (Customization, Reporting) 3 hours Practical
Google Analytics Usage 40 min Theoretical

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