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Social Media Editorial Plan for Non-Profit

If your NGO in Jordan wants to be noticeable and attract volunteers and participants, you have already shown yourself online, by your company website and activities in social media. May be you even wrote a unique Digital Marketing strategy, to follow it and raise your awareness online.

So, now it is probably the right time to revise the content you produce and define its quality for your online visitors. As a local NGO, or a charity center in Jordan you can be considered lucky, because you participate in various events, or organize your own ones. So, a face-to-face communication with new people always gives some interesting information to write about. But is it structured? Is it engaging enough? Is it worth sharing?

That's how Katra Marketing came up with this active course concept, for NGOs in Jordan. Our marketing specialists offer a professional help in creating social media editorial calendar for non-governmental organizations. Book this course now so we will talk about the basics of inbound marketing, and assist you in your content creation arrangement and scheduling. In this educational training, we will show the content management practice for NGOs, and help you to create your own social media editorial plan.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Social Media Editorial Plan Preparation 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Social Media Editorial Plan (Situation Analysis, Planning, SMM Advertising) 6 hours Theory & Practice
Writing Your Social Media Editorial Plan (Budgeting & Reporting) 3 hours Practical
Implementing Your Social Media Editorial Plan 40 min Theoretical

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