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Designing Editorial Calendar for Tour Agency Website Jordan UAE

Designing Editorial Calendar for Tour Agency Website

Carefully created editorial calendar makes marketing activities more effective. While working at a local travel agency in Jordan or UAE, one has his primary duties, and Facebook postings are usually about monthly travel offers, or last-minute deals, and it's hard to maintain regular postings on daily basis. And we can help you to do it.

Elevator Pitch Training Amman Dubai

Giving Your Elevator Pitch

It's important to give a positive impression while dealing with your potential partner, prospect, employer, or your future investors. In "Giving Your Elevator Pitch" active training we will teach you how to explain others what you do in a clear manner and make a great impression really fast, with your personal/professional "elevator pitch."

Hiring Training in Amman Dubai

Onboarding New Hires

Katra Marketing presents this unique course to help HR managers and small business owners in creating their onboarding process. It's well-known that socialization activities lead to great outcomes for newly hired people. As a result, they obtain higher level of job satisfaction, more productive job performance. Hire people right with us.

Teambuilding Training Amman Dubai

Building High-Performance Teams

The course is suitable for business owners, HR managers and entrepreneurs who need help in human evaluation, hiring and managing teams at any phase of your company development. Choosing and building a team needs significant planning and effort from the stakeholders and managers to obtain in their company the best mixture of knowledge, talents and personality types. You can do it with a fresh look, by having Katra Marketing with you.

The Art of Sales Training Amman Dubai

The Art of Sales (SPIN)

Your business is not capable to reveal its great products and services unless it can sell. Amazing news from Katra Marketing: everyone can learn how to sell, and close the deal effectively. Book this sales training in Jordan or UAE, to give your sales employees a boost!

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