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Google Analytics NGO Amman Dubai

Google Analytics Customization for Non-Profit Organization Website

It's important for any NGO to know more about their website audience and what their visitors are doing on the website. Google Analytics is the most useful and effective tool for tracking, analyzing, and reporting data from your NGO website, so you can see the outcome of your SEO activities, paid advertising and social media campaigns you are implementing. It helps you to justify the budget you are spending for the online promotion, therefore - to check the quality of your specialists' work.

SEO for Restaurant Website Amman Dubai

SEO for Restaurant Website

Restaurant owners usually have different ideas while creating the website for their coffee shop, or a local restaurant. Most of them will even skip the website development part, preferring to have a Facebook page for their cafe, and placing content in the Facebook timeline. In this course you will know why SEO is important, and how it can be beneficial for your local restaurant business.

Internet Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Business Amman Dubai

Building Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Business

A carefully created strategy is worth half of the battle. A well-planned Digital Marketing strategy makes your marketing activities more effective, and helps you to be different from your local competitors. Katra Marketing created this course for restaurant business, to help the cafe owners with the Digital Marketing strategy invention, and document the outlines of it.

Editorial Calendar Facebook Amman Dubai

Editorial Calendar for your Facebook Restaurant Page

Restaurant owners in Jordan are mostly not thinking about the quality of their posts in social media. The Facebook content is chaotic and not scheduled. Sometimes small cafe owners are managing their Facebook page online by themselves, or give the responsibility to a fresh graduate for a small fee. As a result, one can find a plenty of abandoned cafe pages, without the information how to reach them, or ability to contact the company. Don't be one of them, book this training today!

Google Analytics Setting Amman Dubai

Restaurant Services: Detailed Google Analytics Setting

Have you ever thought how to measure the outcome of your Facebook campaigns? How many people visited your restaurant website and what type of people they are? Can the right audience find us in Google? If no, what do we need to improve? We know how you can get this answers, and offer you a solution in this Google Analytics training.

SEO for Travel and Tourism Website Amman Dubai

SEO for Travel and Tourism Website

The SEO training in Amman is suitable for marketers, website developers, business owners who want to improve their travel agency website and are wishing to understand how SEO works, and how they can use it for their tourism website.

SEO for Hotel Website

SEO for Hotel Website

Marketing a hotel in Jordan is a real challenge, especially when it comes to hotel website SEO (search engine optimisation). Learn the primary SEO steps you can do by yourself, to bring more organic visitors to your hotel website.

Writing Awesome Marketing Plan for Hospitality Service Amman Dubai

Writing Awesome Marketing Plan for Hospitality Service

Do you know the way where your tourism business is going to? We don't ask whether it's up, or down, we would like to know if you are sure which business goals you are trying to reach, and where your tourism company is going to be in 5, or 10 years. If your business plan is completed, it's about the time to write a marketing plan.

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