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Google Analytics Services for Jordan UAE

Tuning Google Analytics for Training Courses Website

Google Analytics helps you to track the metrics you need, report the data and enhance your online marketing activities: website engagement, social media campaigns, paid advertising, or e-mail campaigns. With Google Analytics platform you will be able to identify the online campaigns with the most outcome, and get a clear idea how to spend your marketing budget. You will also be able to get the idea about the working skills of your social media specialist or marketing manager.

SEO for Medical Website Jordan UAE

SEO for Medical Website

This SEO training in Jordan is suitable for employees in medical sector, whose responsibilities are related to Digital Marketing , medical website design and development, internet advertising for local in international audience. Improve the search ranking of your medical company website with SEO course from Katra Marketing experts in Jordan.

NGO marketing courses Amman Dubai

Nonprofit Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Nonprofit organizations have to be noticeable to possible partners, donors and volunteers. As an NGO in Jordan, you need a clear, reasonable Digital Marketing strategy to raise awareness and cause the interest of the local public. A great Digital Marketing strategy will define how your organization will thoughtfully express its mission and goals to others online to arouse impactful actions on its behalf.

SEO for NGO Websites Amman Dubai

SEO for NGO Websites

Search Engine Optimization for NGO is something underestimated. Katra Marketing has prepared a special SEO course for NGOs in Jordan, where our marketing specialist will tell you how to start doing Search Engine Optimization, focused on the specificity of your organization, your special promotional needs and managerial objectives you need to reach, while using your website.

Social Media Calendar Amman Dubai

Writing Editorial Calendar for NGO website + Social Media

Our marketing specialists offer a professional training in creating social media editorial calendar for non-governmental organizations. Book this course now so we will talk about the basics of inbound marketing, and assist you in your content creation arrangement and scheduling. In this educational active course, we will show the content management practice of Katra Marketing, and help you to create your own social media editorial plan.

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