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E-commerce course Amman

Writing Great Marketing Plan for Ecommerce

It's complicated to start your ecommerce business without a proper marketing plan. With the right planning you will be able to reach your business goals faster. We have an extensive experience about e-commerce projects. Would you like a little help?

Internet Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Jordan Amman

Creating Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce

That's great your marketing plan has a section about online marketing. But having an internet-marketing strategy is essential for any e-commerce business. That's not a seminar, it's a mutual work of Katra Marketing specialist and your company, that will produce an individual internet-marketing strategy for your business in Jordan or the UAE.

Google Analytics ecommerce Jordan UAE

Google Analytics Customization for Ecommerce needs

Katra Marketing arranges individual Training on Google Analytics customization for e-commerce companies in Jordan and the UAE. You will learn how to measure ROI of your Digital Marketing efforts and you will get a Google Analytics dashboard, adapted for your future needs.

SEO for E-commerce Jordan UAE

SEO for E-commerce

It's obvious that ranking higher in Google than your competitors is great. However, what if you are not fully aware the Search Engine Optimization tricks that will get your ecommerce website at the first page? If your prospects don't click, you’re losing sales. Let's make some changes!

Lead Generation for online shops Jordan UAE

Lead Generation Fundamentals

With customers' love to online shopping, more and more companies are using Internet to sell their products and services competitively. But they still have to struggle for a customer attention. With this training in Amman or UAE you will learn how to revise and set e-commerce business goals and KPIs, and how to generate content to trigger your buyer personas make purchases.

Marketing Plan for Educational Centers Jordan UAE

Writing Detailed Marketing Plan for Educational Center

Training and educational services help small businesses to create a workforce with the knowledge and skills to meet their business objectives. A marketing strategy is essential to prioritize your marketing efforts and increase awareness of the benefits of training at your courses center in Amman or Dubai. However, 2016 stats shown that only 15% of educational organization have a marketing plan. You can do much better with us!

SEO Training for Businesses Jordan UAE

SEO for Educational Institution Website

Various training centers teach marketers and web developers about SEO. But in most cases local educational centers in Jordan and the UAE need to do SEO for their own websites. How do you track and measure your, very specific SEO efforts? With our SEO training you will get a full picture and outsmart your competitors!

Internet Marketing Strategy Training in Jordan UAE

Creating Digital Marketing Strategy for Educational Services

Mostly while running an educational center in Jordan, there are plenty of questions and issues to deal with. However, to start working successfully, you should bring visitors to your website, so they become aware of the local courses you offer, and can become your clients, or recommend your local training to someone else. Build a strategy for your presence online, to increase the profit and get more students!

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