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E-commerce course Amman

Writing Great Marketing Plan for Ecommerce

It's complicated to start your ecommerce business without a proper marketing plan. With the right planning you will be able to reach your business goals faster. We have an extensive experience about e-commerce projects. Would you like a little help?

Internet Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Jordan Amman

Creating Internet Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce

That's great your marketing plan has a section about online marketing. But having an internet-marketing strategy is essential for any e-commerce business. That's not a seminar, it's a mutial work of Katra Marketing specialist and your company, that will produce an individual internet-marketing strategy for your business in Jordan or UAE.

Google Analytics ecommerce Jordan UAE

Google Analytics Customization for Ecommerce needs

Katra Marketing arranges individual Training on Google Analytics customization for e-commerce companies in Jordan and UAE. You will learn how to measure ROI of your internet marketing efforts and you will get a Google Analytics dashboard, adapted for your future needs.

SEO for E-commerce Jordan UAE

SEO for E-commerce

It's obvious that ranking higher in Google than your competitors is great. However, what if you are not fully aware the Search Engine Optimization tricks that will get your ecommerce website at the first page? If your prospects don't click, you’re losing sales. Let's make some changes!

Lead Generation for online shops Jordan UAE

Lead Generation Fundamentals

With customers' love to online shopping, more and more companies are using Internet to sell their products and services competitively. But they still have to struggle for a customer attention. With this training in Amman or UAE you will learn how to revise and set e-commerce business goals and KPIs, and how to generate content to trigger your buyer personas make purchases.

Marketing Plan for Educational Centers Jordan UAE

Writing Detailed Marketing Plan for Educational Center

Training and educational services help small businesses to create a workforce with the knowledge and skills to meet their business objectives. A marketing strategy is essential to prioritize your marketing efforts and increase awareness of the benefits of training at your courses center in Amman or Dubai. However, 2016 stats shown that only 15% of educational organization have a marketing plan. You can do much better with us!

SEO Training for Businesses Jordan UAE

SEO for Educational Institution Website

Various training centers teach marketers and web developers about SEO. But in most cases local educational centers in Jordan and UAE need to do SEO for their own websites. How do you track and measure your, very specific SEO efforts? With our SEO training you will get a full picture and outsmart your competitors!

Internet Marketing Strategy Training in Jordan UAE

Creating Internet Marketing Strategy for Educational Services

Mostly while running an educational center in Jordan, there are plenty of questions and issues to deal with. However, to start working successfully, you should bring visitors to your website, so they become aware of the local courses you offer, and can become your clients, or recommend your local training to someone else. Build a strategy for your presence online, to increase the profit and get more students!

Google Analytics Services for Jordan UAE

Tuning Google Analytics for Training Courses Website

Google Analytics helps you to track the metrics you need, report the data and enhance your online marketing activities: website engagement, social media campaigns, paid advertising, or e-mail campaigns. With Google Analytics platform you will be able to identify the online campaigns with the most outcome, and get a clear idea how to spend your marketing budget. You will also be able to get the idea about the working skills of your social media specialist or marketing manager.

SEO for Medical Website Jordan UAE

SEO for Medical Website

This SEO training in Jordan is suitable for employees in medical sector, whose responsibilities are related to digital marketing, medical website design and development, internet advertising for local in international audience. Improve the search ranking of your medical company website with SEO course from Katra Marketing experts in Jordan.

NGO marketing courses Amman Dubai

Nonprofit Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Nonprofit organizations have to be noticeable to possible partners, donors and volunteers. As an NGO in Jordan, you need a clear, reasonable inteernet marketing strategy to raise awareness and cause the interest of the local public. A great internet marketing strategy will define how your organization will thoughtfully express its mission and goals to others online to arouse impactful actions on its behalf.

SEO for NGO Websites Amman Dubai

SEO for NGO Websites

Search Engine Optimization for NGO is something underestimated. Katra Marketing has prepared a special SEO course for NGOs in Jordan, where our marketing specialist will tell you how to start doing Search Engine Optimization, focused on the specificity of your organization, your special promotional needs and managerial objectives you need to reach, while using your website.

Social Media Calendar Amman Dubai

Writing Editorial Calendar for NGO website + Social Media

Our marketing specialists offer a professional training in creating social media editorial calendar for non-governmental organizations. Book this course now so we will talk about the basics of inbound marketing, and assist you in your content creation arrangement and scheduling. In this educational active course, we will show the content management practice of Katra Marketing, and help you to create your own social media editorial plan.

Google Analytics NGO Amman Dubai

Google Analytics Customization for Non-Profit Organization Website

It's important for any NGO to know more about their website audience and what their visitors are doing on the website. Google Analytics is the most useful and effective tool for tracking, analyzing, and reporting data from your NGO website, so you can see the outcome of your SEO activities, paid advertising and social media campaigns you are implementing. It helps you to justify the budget you are spending for the online promotion, therefore - to check the quality of your specialists' work.

SEO for Restaurant Website Amman Dubai

SEO for Restaurant Website

Restaurant owners usually have different ideas while creating the website for their coffeeshop, or a local restaurant. Most of them will even skip the website development part, preferring to have a Facebook page for their cafe, and placing content in the Facebook timeline. In this course you will know why SEO is important, and how it can be beneficial for your local restaurant business.

Internet Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Business Amman Dubai

Building Internet Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Business

A carefully created strategy worths half of the battle. A well-planned internet marketing strategy makes your marketing activities more effective, and helps you to be different from your local competitors. Katra Marketing created this course for restaurant business, to help the cafe owners with the digital marketing strategy invention, and document the outlines of it.

Editorial Calendar Facebook Amman Dubai

Editorial Calendar for your Facebook Restaurant Page

Restaurant owners in Jordan are mostly not thinking about the quality of their posts in social media. The Facebook content is chaotic and not scheduled. Sometimes small cafe owners are managing their Facebook page online by themselves, or give the responsibility to a fresh graduate for a small fee. As a result, one can find a plenty of abandoned cafe pages, without the information how to reach them, or ability to contact the company. Don't be one of them, book this training today!

Google Analytics Setting Amman Dubai

Restaurant Services: Detailed Google Analytics Setting

Have you ever thought how to measure the outcome of your Facebook campaigns? How many people visited your restaurant website and what type of people they are? Can the right audience find us in Google? If no, what do we need to improve? We know how you can get this answers, and offer you a solution in this Google Analytics training.

SEO for Travel and Tourism Website Amman Dubai

SEO for Travel and Tourism Website

The SEO training in Amman is suitable for marketers, website developers, business owners who want to improve their travel agency website and are wishing to understand how SEO works, and how they can use it for their tourism website.

SEO for Hotel Website

SEO for Hotel Website

Marketing a hotel in Jordan is a real challenge, especially when it comes to hotel website SEO (search engine optimisation). Learn the primary SEO steps you can do by yourself, to bring more organic visitors to your hotel website.

Writing Awesome Marketing Plan for Hospitality Service Amman Dubai

Writing Awesome Marketing Plan for Hospitality Service

Do you know the way where your tourism business is going to? We don't ask whether it's up, or down, we would like to know if you are sure which business goals you are trying to reach, and where your tourism company is going to be in 5, or 10 years. If your business plan is completed, it's about the time to write a marketing plan.

Designing Editorial Calendar for Tour Agency Website Jordan UAE

Designing Editorial Calendar for Tour Agency Website

Carefully created editorial calendar makes marketing activities more effective. While working at a local travel agency in Jordan or UAE, one has his primary duties, and Facebook postings are usually about monthly travel offers, or last-minute deals, and it's hard to maintain regular postings on daily basis. And we can help you to do it.

Elevator Pitch Training Amman Dubai

Giving Your Elevator Pitch

It's important to give a positive impression while dealing with your potential partner, prospect, employer, or your future investors. In "Giving Your Elevator Pitch" active training we will teach you how to explain others what you do in a clear manner and make a great impression really fast, with your personal/professional "elevator pitch."

Hiring Training in Amman Dubai

Onboarding New Hires

Katra Marketing presents this unique course to help HR managers and small business owners in creating their onboarding process. It's well-known that socialization activities lead to great outcomes for newly hired people. As a result, they obtain higher level of job satisfaction, more productive job performance. Hire people right with us.

Teambuilding Training Amman Dubai

Building High-Performance Teams

The course is suitable for business owners, HR managers and entrepreneurs who need help in human evaluation, hiring and managing teams at any phase of your company development. Choosing and building a team needs significant planning and effort from the stakeholders and managers to obtain in their company the best mixture of knowledge, talents and personality types. You can do it with a fresh look, by having Katra Marketing with you.

The Art of Sales Training Amman Dubai

The Art of Sales (SPIN)

Your business is not capable to reveal its great products and services unless it can sell. Amazing news from Katra Marketing: everyone can learn how to sell, and close the deal effectively. Book this sales training in Jordan or UAE, to give your sales employees a boost!

Local SEO Courses Amman Dubai

SEO for Local Visibility

94% of mobile device users search for local information on their smartphones and 50% of their searches are about the companies in the area where they live. Are you still thinking why you need SEO? Check this marketing course to know more!

SEO for Event Agency Website Amman Dubai

SEO for Event Agency Website

Event planning service companies become more aware of the need to learn and implement at least the fundamental basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We offer you high-level consulting about SEO strategies and tactics related to your Event Management business in Jordan.

Marketing Plan for Event Agency Amman Dubai

Writing Valid Marketing Plan for Event Agency

If you are an owner of event management company in Jordan, you definitely know that regardless of how amazing your events are in concept, they can't just advertise themselves. In order to attract clients, who are interested in your event planning services, you must have a marketing strategy for your PR agency, or event planning company that effectively reaches your target audience and creates awareness among your prospects.

Editorial Calendar for Event Planning Website Amman Dubai

Making Editorial Calendar for Event Planning Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of online activities for improving your gym or fitness center website visibility in Google ranking results, as well as page results in other search engines. In brief, SEO enhances your website chances of being found when your potential gym clients are choosing among you and your competitors gym offers in Jordan.

SEO for Fitness Websites Amman Dubai

SEO for Fitness & SPA websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of online activities for improving your gym or fitness center website visibility in Google ranking results, as well as page results in other search engines. In brief, SEO enhances your website chances of being found when your potential gym clients are choosing among you and your competitors gym offers in Jordan. Start improving your website with Katra Marketing!

Marketing Plan for Wellness Service Amman Dubai

Preparing Working Marketing Plan for Wellness Service

A marketing plan is a fundamental element of any business. The marketing plan defines the services of your wellness center, or gym, describes the customers and makes your company marketing strategy clear. Book this company training and Katra Marketing consultant with work with you about planning, analyzing the local market, and breaking down all the pieces into clear sections.

Internet Marketing Strategy for Wellness Center Amman Dubai

Writing Internet Marketing Strategy for Wellness Center

Fitness and wellness centers in Jordan have a very competitive edge and it's always hard to decide as a business owner, which area you should focus at first. With this local training we wanted to cover internet marketing planning, setting marketing objectives for your local gym center online presence, and give you a solution how to differenciate your company from competitors, as well as attract more clients and boost profitability.

Professional Website Services Amman Dubai

Designing Your Professional Website

The course is suitable for specialists in Amman who want to create their own personal website. We work individually with each participant, writing and revising information of his professional experience, defining the personal website structure and design elements suitable for his area. Go to the training session page to know details.

LinkedIn Course Amman Dubai

LinkedIn Profile Boost

This course in Amman is extremely useful for everyone in need of revising and updating their CV, and getting a fresh look. It will help you to achieve your certain goals: connect with the right people, get the best job, expand your influence in your professional area and keep in touch with the specialists of your level. Isn't it what you need?

Time Management Training Amman Dubai

12 Week Year: Time Management System for Professionals

This revolutionary time management course in Amman is presented for professionals, fresh graduates, students, managers - everyone who struggles with hectic days and wishes to achive more in a short period. It is extremely useful and practical, and you can implement it to cover various parts of your life. It changes the way you act, you plan, you think, and brings certainty and positive planning to your life.

Marketing Courses Amman Dubai

Marketing Tips With Zero Budget

This is a unique marketing course in Amman. You will be able to enhance marketing activities in your company, as well as your business, increase sales and significantly improve your brand awareness, your services, as well as engage with your clients and prospects.

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