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Marketing Website Development

A great web design is essential for your online presence. We consider that companies can no longer rely on web developers and web designers in making sites, as they have a lack of marketing experience and can't think about overall engagement and future conversions, as well as think about SEO during the planning stage.
Know more about our main principles of website development by visiting Katra Marketing website.

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Internet Marketing Services

The thing that unites all internet marketing services we offer, such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, marketing plans and strategy writing, we always take time to study the main aspects of your business and suggest how to spend your marketing budget in the best way possible.

We bring a passionate and tailored approach to every company we are working with, big or small, based in Jordan, UAE or abroad.

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Marketing Courses - Amman, Dubai

We are dedicated to bring a practical knowledge about marketing and internet-marketing by organizing so called "active training sessions" for various industries in Jordan and UAE. We work with your company employees individually, filling the gaps and suggesting new marketing tools and tactics for achieving your marketing goals.
Why to waste time participating in group courses when you can get a fresh experience of a marketing practitioner?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Katra Marketing website ranks as #1 in Google SERP by "marketing in Jordan". We find it essential to show the best results by our own example. And we can improve SEO for your company website as well.

Facebook Campaigns

We create, set, follow and report any types of Facebook campaigns. You can choose to work with us on monthly basis, or during the promotional campaign. We also can work together on campaigns preparatory stage and content strategy creation.

Marketing Plans

Writing and revising marketing plans for startups and small businesses, including market research and budgeting, setting marketing objectives and defining the plan implementation, choosing tools and tactics suitable for your industry.

Website Development

Company websites for any industry: ideation, structure, content consultation and content revisions, SEO consultations and recommendations how to work with web development agencies.

Marketing Training for Businesses

Various marketing topics offered for companies in Jordan and UAE. To know more, choose your industry from the main menu above.

Individual Training

Individual Consultations about Internet Marketing, websites for professionals, startup discussions, CV rewriting.

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