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About Special Katra Marketing Training

For companies in Jordan and UAE, Katra Marketing organizes marketing training sessions, where we discuss and study the specific areas of marketing and how they can be enhanced.

At Branding in Marketing Context course, where we discuss how brand can be related to marketing, how we can design and develop the logotype for the company aligned with the company mission and vision, and how we use marketing collaterals of the company relatively to the brand. We also discuss the creation of brand guidelines, as well as the examples of successful rebranging and the future marketing activities related to rebranding.

During the marketing course Marketing Tips With Zero Budget, we share the best techniques and tips related to different ares of marketing, that you can start implementing right after the course, with a minimum budget! It's a general training, not related to any area of business, so it can be useful for every company and their marketing, sales and operations departments.

These courses are not for individuals, only for employees of certain companies. You are not able to participate in this course as an individual. We work in small groups, and are ready to discuss real examples of your work and troublesome areas, so it can happen with the practicioners only - marketing specialists, sales department, managers of departments only. Please check the courses listed below, and contact Katra Marketing directly.

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