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Course: Making Internet Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Business

An internet marketing strategy shows how to act yourself online: how to deal with the content for your medical website, what type of audience you're trying to reach and be engaged with, what's the main purpose for your business to be online. Your internet marketing strategy will be connected to your overall marketing plan, supporting and enhancing the implementation of your company marketing objectives, using different tactics online.

However, creating an internet marketing strategy will be different for a pharmaceutical company, hospital in Jordan, or a medical laboratory. That's why our internet marketing agency collected different cases of successful strategy usage, and tried to analyze the best outcomes from their online positioning and internet marketing campaigns.

If you order this marketing course in Amman, to educate your healthcare marketing department, or business development manager, we will customize this course for you, so that in the end of the course you will get a brief outline of internet-marketing strategy related to your healthcare company, as well as the knowledge how to fully document the strategy and implement it successfully. Your employees will be able to look to the future and change your interner marketing strategy, to develop it and measure the marketing results.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Definitions 40min Theoretical
Creating Your Internet Marketing Strategy (Define the brand, Content revision, Website, SEO) 4 hours Practical
Creating Your Internet Marketing Strategy (Metrics) 2 hours Practical
Integration with a Marketing Plan 30 min Discussion

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