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Creating Editorial Calendar for Medical Website Promotion

It's rare that medical marketers are thinking about quality content produced on the regular basis. Meanwhile, if you've decided to show your organization online, the editorial calendar preparation is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. We also should mention it makes the marketer's life much easier - when you have a plan, any tasks look more understandable and fit your schedule. Editorial calendar will be your content schedule for the months ahead to make sure your content is suitable to meet business demands, be able to target the defined audience you need, and that your followers, stakeholders, employees and marketing channels are working altogether.

During this intensive training, we will create an editorial calendar will let you to:

  • Manage your publications with relevant medical events and your marketing objectives;
  • Deal with clients questions and promotional articles in the internet;
  • Enhance monitoring and customer support;
  • Create and widely promote existing or coming content;
  • Define essential metrics and follow your content’s results;

Katra Marketing works together with you, to develop a content calendar suitable for your medical industry, and to your certain company needs, aligned with your marketing plan. At the end of the training your marketing team will be able to prepare 3-6 months editorial calendar, so that you will be able to focus at monitoring the feedbacks, analyzing the content quality and pay more attention to reaching marketing objectives.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Content Marketing Outlines 40 min Theoretical
Marketing Objectives Discussion (Content Assets, Previous Experience) 2 hours Practical
Writing Medical Content Calendar (Audience, Planning, Scheduling, Promoting) 5 hours Practical
Using Content Calendar 1 hour Theoretical

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