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Preparing Working Marketing Plan for Wellness Service

Who doesn't go to the gym center in Jordan himself, or at least have a relative or a friend going for gym classes and regular workouts? You can see the great number of big and small fitness centers that exist in Amman and throughout Jordan. And there is always a tough competition for each new member, and retaining the existing ones.

A marketing plan is a fundamental element of any business. The marketing plan defines the services of your wellness center, or gym, describes the customers and makes your company marketing strategy clear. As a rule, marketing plan describes one business year, and it's a changing and evolving document, depending on your industry changes and desired business objectives. In order to create a working marketing plan for your SPA, gym or yoga center, you should have a deep understanding of the business specifics, as well as the possible budget.

Book this company training and Katra Marketing consultant with work with you about planning, analyzing the local market, and breaking down all the pieces into clear sections. You will get the valid draft of your marketing plan, understand the core ideas, as we will work on it during the training session, and will be able to continue, finish and implement it. It's not a seminar, it's an active training where you will be fully involved into the creation of your marketing plan. This session is available for companies in Amman and Dubai, face-to-face sessions only. We offer marketing plans creation only for your company specific needs, to maximize the effort while working with an experienced marketer.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Marketing Plan Preparation 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Marketing Plan (Situation Analysis, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation) 4 hours Practical
Writing Marketing Plan (Budget & Forecast) 3 hours Practical
Implementing Your Marketing Plan 40 min Theoretical

Marketing plan is a core of any business

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