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Creating Editorial Calendar for Health & Fitness Website

Random posting on your business Facebook profile can't lead to a big engagement level with your clients and prospects. Each time when you write a post from your mobile, just because you haven't visited your gym or SPA center Facebook for a while, always think that you can change it to the better, with the minimum budget and timing.

An editorial calendar is a marketing tool, for organizing and categorizing the content marketers plan to publish in the future. It's an effective tool that everyone can use, and for health and fitness companies it's a real deal: by planning and scheduling your content in your blog, social media profiles, and your Facebook marketing campaigns, you get more time for thinking ahead. You can use editorial calendars to target the right readers and prospects, reform and optimize your marketing content with the best keywords, and match your content Facebook campaigns with a killer call-to-action.

The course is suitable for business owners in wellness industry (SPA centers, gyms, nutrition, health) in Jordan and UAE, who want to optimize their content online, and for marketers willing to expand their knowledge in Digital Marketing for health and wellness sector. Katra Marketing accepts individual and marketing team training sessions, sharing with you the marketing experience that will help you to bring more clients and build local company awareness.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Social Media Editorial Plan in Brief 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Situation Analysis, Planning, SMM Advertising) 4 hours Theory & Practice
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Budgeting & Reporting) 4 hours Practice
Implementing Your Social Media Editorial Plan 40 min Theoretical

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