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Lots of fitness centers in Jordan and UAE are facing the issue of marketing promotion and how to spend their marketing budget right. Yet being on Facebook, or having random campaigns in social media is not like you are having a marketing strategy. You are convinced that you need to be visible online, or having introductory events with special offers and discounts to attract clients. Yet the most important question remains the same: "Are we doing it right? Can we promote our services in a better way?"

The answer is "Yes, you can!" With our marketing courses, focused only for your company and marketing objectives, your team will get an understanding of the strategic importance, and get the neccesary skills to implement the right business and marketing tactics for your fitness, wellness center, or local gym facilities. You will obtain the practical knowledge about internet marketing areas, such as SEO for your website, or preparing editorial calendars for your social media company profiles. If your goal is to prepare a business plan, or a marketing strategy for your fitness center in Amman, or Dubai, to define your business objectives and make it work - Katra Marketing covers it too! We have training sessions, where we will build strategies, create and find the way for using the right tactics, to attract more customers and make your local fitness and wellness business more profitable.

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