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SEO for Event Agency Website

Event planning service companies become more aware of the need to learn and implement at least the fundamental basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, if you go through a plenty of SEO blogs and websites, you will quickly understand how it's hard of not "getting drawn" with all information about SEO. Moreover, they give you some Search Engine Optimization tips that are not suitable for your PR agency website.

As for Katra Marketing agency in Amman, we made this course specifically for Event & PR websites SEO, including the best practice from our experience, and the realities of local SEO for the Middle East. We offer you high-level consulting about SEO strategies and tactics related to your Event Management business in Jordan.

The course "SEO for Event Agency" in Amman and Dubai is suitable for business owners, marketers, social media specialists and content writers who are recently working with Event Planning business websites, to improve the overall website traffic and reach top positions in Google. Make an inquiry about this SEO training, so you will be able to have individual and marketing team corporative training, where our marketing specialist will share with you the practical cases and work directly on your company website improvement.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, SEO & Google Search 30min Theoretical
Defining Your Audience (Buyer Personas, Keywords, Competitors) 3 hours Practical
Event Website Usability & Structure (Sitemap, Pages, Linking) 3 hours Practical
SEO Tips for Event Services Website 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization (Your Main Page) 1 hour Practical
Pages Optimization (A/B Testing) 40 min Theoretical

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