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Creating Digital Marketing Strategy
for Event Promotion Website

Internet advertising is everywhere, whenever you open the browser and make your first search query. It became pretty difficult to compete online. However, in our local course "Creating Digital Marketing Strategy for Event Promotion Website", you will discover some great tips about internet promotion.

Plan your Internet marketing strategy carefully to make sure you are able to get more revenue for the lowest possible budget. As a PR agency owner in Jordan, who would like to enhance its promotion online, that's your chance to develop the strategy, suitable exactly for your sector, and for your company.

The course is suitable for business owners in Jordan/UAE, who need help to enrich and expand their current direct marketing activities with the newest and proven Digital Marketing techniques. This active training will give you all the necessary materials, to make your event agency online presence successful. Katra Marketing accepts individual and marketing team corporative Training, sharing with you the most interesting experience we have.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Digital Marketing Strategy Outlines 30min Theoretical
Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Situation Analysis, Personas, Online Tactics, Implementation) 4 hours Practical
Writing Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Budget & Campaigns) 3 hours Practical
Digital Marketing Strategy Integration & Implementation 40 min Theoretical

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