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Editorial Calendar for Event Planning Website

This is a great course for event planer companies in Jordan, where you will get the whole idea of content planning, implementation and tracking progress, based on certain marketing objectives. It sounds complex, yet it's one of the most dynamic and practical training sessions we have. Why? Because we don't give the theory, but working on ideas, turning them into editorial calendar preparation, based on your event management company only. The participants will get all the necessary steps and ideas, and be inspired to implement the editorial calendar right after they finish the course.

Well, if you are interested in this active training, mostly you want your employee to obtain the knowledge how to plan content flows the best way possible. Having ready the editorial calendar for company Facebook page is an essential part of your Digital Marketing strategy, especially if you don't have a website for your event or wedding center in Amman, and willing to engage with your prospects and followers in social media. It makes your daily duties less complicated: when you have a content schedule, set for months ahead, you can focus better at your Facebook promotional campaigns and special offers and create effective, engaging content for the future.

Editorial Calendar for Event Planning Website is suitable for employees who have the duties of monitoring and updating your company social media profiles on daily basis - marketers, small business owners, assistants. If you feel you need more company awareness and attract more customers, with this training in Jordan/UAE you will make a serious step towards your success.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Social Media Editorial Plan in Brief 30min Theoretical
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Situation Analysis, Planning, SMM Advertising) 4 hours Theory & Practice
Writing Your Facebook Editorial Plan (Budgeting & Reporting) 4 hours Practice
Implementing Your Social Media Editorial Plan 40 min Theoretical

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