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Training: Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce

Search Engine Optimization for ecommerce is awesome and deep. Businesses that sell products online, meet a plenty of specific and complex details that affect their search rankings. For example, dealing with the sales funnel and dropouts, create the content for the selling items, or write metadata for hundreds of pages. Having no SEO planned actions and move chaotically can wreck your search ranking and stop traffic to your online store. That's why you need website optimization strategies and tactics specifically suitable for ecommerce.

In this active course Anastasia Ivanovskaya will walk with you through exploring your buying personas and competitors, revising, or creating your website scheme for a better customer engagement, and sharing the experience about the best SEO practices to enhance your content. There will be several brainstorming exercises about optimization goals, usability testing and metadata.

"As an internet marketer who has started the career with an e-commerce company, I really enjoy to follow up the best practices of SEO, and whenever in Katra Marketing we are dealing with this type of business, I'm trying to be actively involved. SEO for ecommerce is a unique practice, requiring daily analytical and strategy work, and I would like to bring you the knowledge I gathered during the years."

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

"SEO for ecommerce" in Amman is suitable as an individual, team and mixed training, the outlines of the 2-days course you can check below. However, it depends on the experience of the participants, and can be held in a practical, discussion, or informational format. Contact us to discuss this training for your company in Jordan or UAE.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, SEO & Buying process 30min Theoretical
Defining Your Audience (Buyer Personas, Keywords, Competitors) 3 hours Practical
Website Usability & Structure (Sitemap, Pages, Linking) 3 hours Practical
SEO Tips for E-commerce 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization 1 hour Theoretical
On-Page Optimization (Your Main Page) 1 hour Practical
Pages Optimization (A/B Testing) 40 min Theoretical

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