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Creating Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce

This Digital Marketing strategy course is valuable for e-commerce businesses during the planning stage and the stage of stagnation. It is also useful for entrepreneurs willing to start their own business online, before creating the website, or during it. I would talk about the specifics of branding online and share the experience I got while working as an internet marketer in the online retail company.

As a professional who was involved into different aspects of marketing, I would like to say it's one of my favourite courses we are presenting to the Jordanian e-commerce market. Building marketing strategies for different types of businesses is one of my professional passions. Despite the variety of industries, targeted markets and products, I can sadly admit that business owners are often neglecting internet as a source of attracting customers, that's why they don't even plan to have a Digital Marketing strategy. That's why it's always pleasant to deal with e-commerce sector, because staying online is the core of your business, and you value the time you've spent for an online strategy planning.

Anastasia Ivanovskaya, Founder of Katra Marketing

As a result of this marketing course in Jordan/UAE, you will get the outlines of the Digital Marketing strategy, that you can include into your e-commerce marketing plan, or develop a separated Digital Marketing plan for the future implementation. Don't miss the chance of collaboration with Katra Marketing!

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Definitions 40min Theoretical
Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Define the brand, Content revision, Website, SEO) 4 hours Practical
Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Metrics) 2 hours Practical
Integration with a Marketing Plan 30 min Discussion

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