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Lead Generation Funnel Creation

Create a lead generation system for your company and begin converting prospects into dedicated customers. In this course you will go through the fundamentals of forming a valid lead generation funnel that will bring your business to financial success.

You will know how to revise and define business goals and KPIs, and produce certain types of content for your target audience. You will also get information how to optimize landing pages, company profiles in social media, and collect the semantic core of keywords to transform visitors into leads, and building overall purchase actions to convert leads into customers.

There will be also a useful marketing part about checking your customer's experience after the sale, gaining their loyalty, and calculating your campaigns' performance. When you finish working with Katra Marketing consultant in Jordan, you will have a certain lead generation action plan to follow on daily basis, enhance your customer reach and make more profit with your business online.

As a rule, Lead Generation Funnel Creation is a 2-days course, having an active listening part, and practical pieces, useful for e-commerce industry, in an individual format for every company. Don't miss the chance to revise the actions of your existing business and have a fresh start with our local marketing help!

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Defining Terminology 20min Theoretical
Business Goals Setting (Objectives, KPIs) 2 hours Practical
Reach Your Audience (Marketing Channels) 3 hours Theoretical
Conversion Actions 2 hours Theoretical
Lead Nurturing 1 hour Theoretical
Buying Experience 1 hour Theoretical
Measuring Metrics 2 hours Theoretical

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