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Course: Google Analytics Customization for Ecommerce needs

It's essential for any online store to know more about their site visitors and how they interact with the content. No matter if you run a website for a startup, home-made products or a large online business, Google Analytics is the most powerful and common tool for tracking, analyzing, and reporting data from your website. However, almost 80% of the marketers are not using Google Analytics correctly, and are not able to choose metrics they need to focus at.

This practical course consists of two main parts. At first, it's about analyzing your business online and defining metrics important for tracking, getting a basic knowledge of how Google Analytics works. And another part is about step-by-step tuning the main dashboard, to follow the data we need, and a practical tutorial how to manage it on the daily basis.

This course is mainly arranged in the format of an individual work with your e-commerce marketer, or a SEO specialist. However, it depends on the experience of your employees. Anastasia Ivanovskaya obtains Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), a certification that proves the proficiency in Google Analytics. She will bring you through the data interpretation, goals creation and tracking, using the dashboard with the most important numbers for your company.

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Google Analytics Overview 30min Theoretical
Defining Marketing Metrics for Your Business Online 2 hours Practical
Analytics Dashboard Customization 3 hours Practical
Google Ananlytics in Use 1 hour Practical

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