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Preparing Editorial Calendar for Ecommerce Blog

With our marketing expert you will develop a content plan, define great topics for your e-commerce website, learn how to use editorial calendar everyday and manage your content right. This course will help an e-commerce company marketer to develop a content plan, redefine content types suitable for their business online, and bring an editorial calendar to everyday practice. Katra Marketing consultant will explain how to write, edit, and design content, as well as pick the right proportions of the content for different marketing channels, and moderate it for a great engagement.

This content management course will be customized for your company, we are happy to work personally with your content writer, as well as with all members of your e-commerce marketing team, involved in copywriting, social media promotion and inbound marketing. Below you can see an estimated timing for this course, it's a mix of brainstorming, active listening and writing work. You will get Katra Marketing free templates for editorial calendars - in monthly and all-year formats. Our Digital Marketing consultant is waiting to share the best practices of content marketing and editorial calendar creation with your company!

Course steps Average Timing Activity Type
Introduction, Editorial Calendar Basics 40min Theoretical
Preparations (Situation analysis, Buyer personas, Marketing channels, Implementation) 4 hours Practical
Writing Your Editorial Calendar (Planning, Scheduling) 3 hours Practical
Integration with Your Marketing Plan 40 min Discussion

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