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Ecommerce, also named as online shopping, becoming more popular as more internet users in Jordan and the Middle East area are searching for the goods to purchase online. People can find a great variety of products, often at better prices and quality than they would get at their local shops.

E-commerce marketing is a difficult subject, because it combines the elements of product and services promotion. Regarding of your products, the broadness of your targeted audience, the scale of your ecommerce website, or SEO experience, Katra Marketing will guide you on the road to marketing excellence with our marketing courses in Amman.

Our internet marketing agency in Amman is glad to present active marketing related courses for your business success. From an ecommerce marketing plan writing, you can get a deeper dive to internet marketing strategy, learn how to make SEO for your online store, enriching your content marketing strategy and attracting more customers to your website. Choose from the variety of courses we offer for your e-business in Jordan, we will be glad to share our marketing experience with you!

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