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For B2C sector in Jordan and the UAE, your company employees, we offer the following services:

Services for local B2C Sector

  • B2C website development;
  • Social media campaigns training;
  • SEO training;
  • Individual business and marketing consultations;
  • Search Engine Optimization Services;
  • Business & marketing plans training sessions
  • Business & marketing plans writing
  • Google Analytics training

How We Make Courses for B2C Segment

We do not have mixed courses for people from different companies to talk abstract theories while everybody's writing down after the lector. We start from studying your business and customize our training process by discussing your current needs related to the topic you have chosen. You can decide who of your employees is going to participate in a training, and what level of depth it should be.

Usually it's a 1-3 days detailed marketing training, with daily 3-6 hours work with the participants. There will be several theoretical parts during the session, yet mostly we will discuss and brainstorm the best ways of marketing promotion, strategic planning and goal setting. We name is as "active training", where groups are fully involved into the process, as we are talking about their company, business strategies and tactics they will be ready to go on with, right after the training.

The active courses and training activities are available only in Amman and Dubai, and only for B2C companies, not for individuals. There are no Skype sessions, or other forms of online courses. You choose the training your company is interested, give us a primary information (amount of participants, departments), and we suggest the dates of your course. We take 100% payment before the training, and 1-3 weeks for the preparation, depends on the topic and the specificity of your business.

Check the main website menu, and choose the industry related to your B2C company in Jordan, so you can see the detailed training outlines. If you can't find what you are looking for, yet it fits the area of our competency, mentioned above, you can write us an e-mail.

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