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Marketing Agency

Katra Marketing is an internet marketing agency in Amman. The idea of having active marketing Training for marketers, business owners and entrepreneus is coming from our company's vision: "to assist in the development of small and medium-sized businesses through the use of all the possibilities of the Internet space".

We would like our clients to understand the value of internet marketing, help and educate them. Another important factor of having public marketing seminars in Jordan - the presence of low-quality methods of marketing promotion, obsolete and affecting your business in a negative way. We want companies to stop wasting money.

Business Education

Katra Marketing organizes Training for different types of businesses in Jordan. The main principle of our courses goes from the proverb: "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand." We involve participants into hours of practical writing and branstorming sessions, so that you will understand the value of the marketing strategy, or the marketing plan we created together. In case if you need to modify the strategy, you will be able to do it yourself.

Every course lasts 7-15 hours, that's why we don't take more than 5 people at once. However, it depends on experience & intention, - ask us about modifications.

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What We Do

In Katra Marketing we are involved into different types of marketing-related services. You can see our current workload as a percentage below.


Internet-marketing services

Katra marketing makes web analytics, SEO, social media advertising and creation of marketing strategies for your business. Our aim is not to drive traffic, yet bring prospects to our clients. That's our main difference from other digital agencies in the Middle East.


Courses & Training

It's a new service in Amman, and you have the chance to stay ahead of your competitors. Choose a marketing course suitable for your industry, and we can organize it as an individual study, a consultation, or an active group training for your employees.


Marketing Approach Websites

With our marketing knowledge and the detailed research of your business, we offer fully functional websites of any complexity and for any business sector. Web designers and developers can't interest your audience, internet marketers can.