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Anastasia Ivanovskaya
  • Digital Marketing Experience8.5 years
  • Finished Marketing Strategy Specialization in 2017
    21 Courses finished in 2015, including"Content Strategy for Professionals"
    Currently studying Digital Marketing Specialization
  • Hobbies:reading long novels, time management

Marketing Consultant & Founder

Here's my Jordanian story: I came to Amman about 4 years ago, as a marketing consultant, to promote an internal portal system for enterprises and banking industry. I wanted to make a change for a local marketing and advertising, showing my professional experience and bringing value. That's how Katra Marketing has started in 2014. While working at Digital Marketing agency we follow Lean Startup Method, that's why the amount of people working there is not big, but sufficient enough, because everybody brings his own experience and I may say we complete each other, as in a good family.

Analyzing the Jordanian market of Digital Marketing agencies, I came to a very important conclusion: they still use obsolete ways of doing SEO, mostly focus at social media promotion without any proper reports, use mass SMS sending and other "dirty" services. Lack of analytical work, marketing documentation and inability to explain how the marketing budget was spent, devaluate real marketing work and the meaning what any marketer is supposed to do in the company.

There are a lot of coaches and social media gurus, appearing on local TV channels and offering LinkedIn profile creation, or arranging group seminars. Companies in Jordan really need help regarding marketing strategies and fresh approaches. That's how I thought about a new kind of service, marketing education in a form of discussion and active collaboration. Mostly all business courses are company-oriented, so you will get the information not only close to your business industry, but also focused at your organization and your company needs. You may book any business-related course from Katra Marketing, so I will assist you at your business changes - to get positive and profitable results.

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