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Get a competitive advantage with our marketing knowledge. Educate your employees with our active training method.
Katra Marketing agency offers courses for any industry in Amman, tailored for your company special needs.

Marketing Tips With Zero Budget

In this course we have collected the best marketing tips, based on our knowledge and experience, that require only your commitment and readiness to improve your marketing goals.

SEO for Local Visibility

This course perfectly fits the needs of business owners who want to be noticeable online, while offering their products and services to the local audience.

Lean Startup Method

Lean Startup is a great approach to begin your business on a reasonable pace, and creating your unique offer for your target audience needs. Being a smart entrepreneur is always awesome!

Preparing Working Marketing Plan for Wellness Service

Preparing marketing plans for gym centers, SPAs, to define marketing objectives and their future implementations tactics.

Building Digital Marketing Strategy for Travel Agency Business

Internet marketing strategy sessions for travel agencies in Jordan and the UAE - ideation, writing, implementation of your marketing strategy.

Writing Editorial Calendar for NGO website + Social Media

For local NGOs we offer short training sessions for social media promotion, content development and content management.

  • Duane Forrester
    What continues to plague search marketers is the adherence to old-think issues: 'Content is too hard to create.' 'Links are too hard to build organically.' This type of focus blinds you to more important things. Duane Forrester
  • Jim Yu
    Social media marketers now have a huge opportunity to impact SEO, improve search rankings, and increase revenue generated through organic search. Jim Yu
  • Rand Fishkin
    Organizations who can't match up in content creation and promotion may find themselves losing out to content marketers who learn the basics of SEO. Rand Fishkin
  • Adam Audette
    Today it's not about 'get the traffic' -- it's about 'get the targeted and relevant traffic. Adam Audette
  • Debra Mastaler
    It's a good idea to understand how to work [Bing and Google] for maximum SEO and ranking benefit. Debra Mastaler
  • Chris Bennett
    People will come to your site because you have good compelling content. You need to hit it from all angles: blog posts, articles, graphs, data, infographics, interactive content - even short pictures when you Tweet. Chris Bennett
Marketing Training in Jordan

Update Your Knowledge

We pick the trends, and gathering information about Digital Marketing and your business sphere from the newest sources. It took about two months to prepare each training, and each time they are getting updated.

local Training in Jordan

Close To Reality

A good tutor for Digital Marketing topics can't be a theorist only. You will get real marketing cases and examples from our "field experience", as from local marketing results in Jordan, and overall skills useful worldwide.

Personal Training in Jordan

Individual Approach

Katra Marketing organizes public seminars and personal training about Digital Marketing . As a marketing agency in Jordan, one of our big aims - to educate and inform companies how to make marketing right.

We have courses in the following categories:

With millions of user searches made in the Middle East area every month, it's critical to have a top position on the organic search queries. Our search engine optimization courses in Amman will let you know the best techniques and tools to have an effective position on the natural Google rankings in the quickest possible way, with the hints how to maintain and improve it.
Our Google Analytics Training are tailored for your company only, it's not about basic knowledge. According to statistics, around 80% of marketers are using Google Analytics tool wrong, mainly because they don't customize it, or make changes wrong, so it affects final reports in a negative way. With Google Analytics course, specifically arranged for your local business, you will learn how to use Google Analytics and get a well-optimized dashboard, to check the website data in the future. You will understand how to set up metrics and goals, check and measure your website traffic - to enhance user engagement and improve conversions.
Are you in need to have a better, deeper knowledge of Digital Marketing ? Are you trying to write or improve a marketing plan for your company? If so, Katra Marketing can definitely help you to obtain the necessary information, while tailoring an Digital Marketing strategy for your organization.
Many small business owners are perfectly aware of what's going on in their professional spheres and industries. And that's why they are so good at running their businesses. But when one talks about marketing your products and services, possibly there are some gaps in your university education or management training. That is still fine, because an easy solution is right at your fingertips. Book a course for your business sector in Jordan, and we can greatly improve your company results.
Personal branding is the personal attitude - how other people comprehend you, and how you show yourself to others. Where is the marketing in it? As a brand, we can use the same techniques and strategies that make famous people, or big brands look nice to people. Therefore, it's important to present yourself as a brand, from the professional point of view. And we can help you to present yourself better.
Marketing is necessary for any business or organization that want to be great. Katra Marketing offers various courses can lift the knowledge of a marketing professional, or create something solid from the start, while writing a marketing plan. Mostly we offer active Training for marketers with different experience, but business owners can also participate in the discussion process. During our marketing Training in Jordan we will discuss different modifications of the marketing field in your industry, including the aspects of research, business strategy, and targeted audience. In the end you will get a backbone of a marketing plan that fits your business needs and that we have created together.
An editorial calendar is extremely useful for your content marketing needs, because it lets marketers to have a framework for the content you produce. At the same time you are tight with your Digital Marketing strategy, and determined to reach your targeted audience, while building trust and showing professionalism. Grow your traffic and push your business online with our unique content marketing courses.

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